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My name is Sinead, I am qualified in Holistic Massage level 4 and Sports and Remedial Massage level 5.

I enjoy working with my clients to help them towards their goals.

This can be in number of ways

*to improve sports performance,

*to aid in recovery from injury,

*to prevent re-injury,

*to address postural imbalances or

*to simply relax.

I have treated many clients from a range of backgrounds;

many clients enjoy sports like

Tae kwon do,



golf and

running to name a few

but sports massage is not just for people who do sports.

Modern life means that everyone is under stress to be the best, in all areas of life. Everyone is rushing from one thing to another, never being able to escape phone calls and emails. Sometimes it is easy to forget about our own bodies and this can lead to bad posture or letting stress take over. 

Booking in for a massage can be the first step to feeling better in your body, addressing aches and pains or simply to escape for an hour to with your brain off in a safe environment - be that a clinic or in your own home. 

A typical session involves a consultation and postural assessment. This is done in underwear (if you are comfortable to do so). I then discuss my plan with you so we can work together to tailor your massage to be as individual as you are.

So get in touch for more information or to book in and thank your body for all it goes through.

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