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Massages all round!

Massage is for everyone!

I have so many people tell me how they would love to book an appointment with me but they don't do sports!

The truth is everyone can benefit from massage.

I have a range of clients, my first client and inspiration to start my massage journey was my Dad. He suffered a huge stroke in 2007 and this left him with no speech and limited movement down his right side. He went from being the rock of the family to being the one we had to care for.

It was very challenging but rewarding time. After working with a great neuro physiotherapist we realised what a benefit massage was.

This gave me the inspiration to learn massage and Dad became my best client. It was amazing to witness his results through massage and how it enabled him to open his hand which had been held tight for many years!

Me and Dad after a massage session. :)

Massage is great for everyone!

I have worked with children as young as 3 (although this was a short session as 3 year olds have lots to do) up to my eldest client so far of 76.

All shapes and sizes can benefit, weather its to aid with recovery from injury or to help relieve symptoms of stress.

Most people have aches and pains that they just ignore or feel it's a side effect of getting older or from over doing things... this doesn't have to be the case.

Many of my clients have benefited from just stopping and being mindful of their bodies. Feel the aches and pains and work with me to plan a program of massages to enable them to move better in their own skin.

Taking time out from our busy lives even just for one hour a month can be so beneficial for our mental and physical well being.

So take time out, look after yourself and each other and book in for a massage and say thank you to your body for all it does for you.

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